Debt Settlement: How It Will Affect Your Credit Score

Credit cards can come in handy, until they rack up too much debt and then you have to cut back on spending as a way to reduce debt. If you let debt get too out of control, it can adversely affect your finances. One of the other ways to reduce your debt is through debt settlement. However, it affects your credit score.


Here are points to remember about why debt settlement is an effective way to repair your finances, despite the fact that it will affect your credit score.

Factors Affecting Credit Score
Various factors affect each individual’s credit score, which determines whether or not you are eligible for certain loans. Debt settlement usually brings down a credit score, but it also allows you to reset your financial situation to a more comfortable repayment plan. Here are other factors that affect your credit score:

  • Your current credit condition
  • Amount of the remaining balance
  • How your creditors report payments to credit bureaus

A debt settlement agreement usually suggests that the balance of the debt owed will be reduced. This amount will also have an impact on your credit score.

How Debt Settlement Affects Your Credit Score
The main purpose of credit scores is to reward consumers who make payments on time and follow the original agreement. The credit system discourages those who modify the original loan contract by lowering credit scores when the lender reports a modification.

Creditors allow for debt settlements since they would rather collect most of the money, as opposed to none. As a debtor, you have the option of filing bankruptcy, which will have an even more negative impact on your credit. Once you are down to these options, debt settlement is the more favorable choice to protect your credit score. Keep in mind that the debt settlement, like bankruptcy, will remain on your credit report for seven years.

Reduce Your Debt
One way to reduce debt is through a debt settlement program. Even though it will have a negative impact on your credit score in the short run, it will help you find a way out of debt faster.

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